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Part 1: Handling "Dangly-meat"

There are times when people string you along.
They offer rewards that they intend not to give.
I call this "dangly-meat".
It's bait.

Sometimes you have to tell yourself;

"If you get this dangly-meat it will be rotten."
"It will be Rancid"
"It will be full of maggots."
"It will make you sick."
"It will poison you."
"You will wish that you had JUST CUT THE LINE!"

Wisdom *MUST* be applied.
You can not do this with all things.
You must have the wisdom to know yourself well enough to KNOW that cutting what you are cutting, even if "good" in the end, will benefit you in the long-run, and that even *IF* all ends well, it will not have been worth the pain and suffering.
"A thousand lives lost to save a hundred."

You will *NEVER* achieve 100% accuracy.
That's not the point.
The point is making sure that you come out as best as you can.
Damage control.

Damage control is the point.

I'm abandoning ship.
I'll man the life rafts that I can.
I will save what I can, but I'm getting off of this sinking nightmare!
I'll make the tiny, limited "happy endings" that I can.
I am one person.
I can't fend off the tides.
I can't save the world,  but I can defend a few precious shards of it.

I can't look at this as cowardice, merely a matter beyond my mortal capabilities.
It is a victory, for I am closer to understanding my own limits.

This being said, on to the next subject at hand...

Part 2: Ian Flynn, you cruel bastard.

Exploring the deepest depths of despair.
This is REALITY.
This is what we go to fantasy to ESCAPE!

During the first and second World Wars, Super Heroes were created.
They were made to give us hope.  To light our darkest hours.

In this darkest of hours, Ian Flynn, you have killed the light.

Why now?

You terrible writer.
You terrible "artist".
You terrible man.
You terrible human being.
You terrible excuse for a carbon-based life form.

I have never met you, so I can not say that I hate you.
But I hate and despise what you have done.

I curse your work with all my heart.
And I curse you with all the force I have at my disposal, however tiny and insignificant it may be.
Damn you.
Damn you to Hell, Ian Flynn.
Whatever, wherever "Hell" may be, I solemnly wish it to you.

I know you will never see this.  No matter.
I have spoken my peace.

Rest in Peace, Princess Sally Alicia Acorn Prime
11/1992 - 10/2011

You are loved, and will be missed. :'(
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cartoonking1 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
You do know that Sally is not dead right?
Gradendine Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

She's on display in a soul-prison until "someone" uses corporate-necromancy or ctrl+z to undo it.

Realistically there is no way to make it through all of that horror without droves of C-4 suicide-bombers assaulting the living snot out of whatever enemy is pulling off that much crap.

Realistically-speaking (technology aside; I'm talking psychology) *IF* the characters pulled out of it all "alive", every last one of them would have acute post-traumatic stress disorder to the point of having to be over-medicated and/or put down or.

Point is I'm out. Too much crap. It's not entertaining to read anymore, it's nauseating.

If I had the cash on-hand, I'd be hammered to the extreme right now, with a hangover scheduled for tomorrow, and possibly Friday as well.


I can't take any more.
cartoonking1 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
People have been turned into robots be for and though they felt a little guilty about it they did move on and they did return to normal lives.

This is “Sonic the Hedgehog” what is “realistic” is kinda flexible in his world (LOL song joke.)

The Characters have been fighting in the war against evil since they were kids, they have lost love ones before and suffered defeats but in the end they all ways come out on top stronger than ever. You are not supposed to like what is happing to the heroes but in the end after seeing they go through all the pain and strife and still win makes the victory all the more potent.

The idea of the villains getting victories one after the other and the heroes suffering has been going back to The Epic of Gilgamesh. As an ancient and ubiquitous plot device, this scenario has received quite a bit of attention in literary circles; it's cognate to the "death" stage (preceding the "descent into the underworld", but not always clearly distinguished from it) in certain formulations of The Hero's Journey monomyth, and shows up elsewhere as well. At least one creative writing course views such "black moments" as essential to effective plotting.

"Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of."
— Kurt Vonnegut, "Eight Rules for Writing Fiction"

If you do not like it any more then by all means don’t read it and stay away from it, after all your opinion is valid and you have a right to view it as such. I just think you are being just a tad over sensitive about it, I mean Ian is just a guy currently writing a comic no need to wish death on the guy, dislike his work by all means but he is just one guy.

I hope that you find something else that you can occupy you time with that you really enjoy.
Milesprower222YT Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very good ^^
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